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Atomic hydrogen welding

Atomic hydrogen welding

The atomic hydrogen welding is one kind of arc welding process where welding joint is made by heating the work piece with an arc is maintained between two electrodes and same time a hydrogen steam atmosphere is made in welding zone. This stem of hydrogen gas act as a shielding gas also. A filler rod may or may not be used additionally.

Atomic hydrogen welding principle:

In Atomic hydrogen welding the work piece consist may not part of electrical connection for completing electrical circuit. The arc is produced only between two tungsten electrodes. The molecular hydrogen when passing through the electrical arc and then it is broken into atomic hydrogen form. That time it is absorbed heat energy which is supplied from arc. The arc supplies the energy for chemical reaction.

These hydrogen atoms recombine again to form of molecular stage. This recombination take place in the comparatively lower temperature zone as outer zone of arc. This time it releases extra amount of heat energy. This extra heat is added with main arc temperature and it produces much amount of heat, which is utilized for welding purposes.  This combine heat is concentrated at high temperature in the small volume of arc.

Atomic hydrogen welding

Atomic hydrogen welding diagram

Atomic hydrogen welding advantages:

No flux or any kind of shielding gas is required for this welding process.

Due to high concentration of heat, it can carried out high rate of fusion.

A uniform and strong weld joint can be produced.

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Atomic hydrogen welding