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Electron Beam welding

Electron beam welding

The electron beam welding is one special type of fusion welding process. The weld joint is made by heat is obtained from high velocity of concentrate electron beam. The continuously strike of electron on the metal surface caused a kinetic energy convert into the heat energy, which is sufficient to fuse the metal and joint together.

Electron beam welding principle:

In electron beam welding the electron or negative charged particle plays the master role. Which is propelled from a negative pole or cathode to positive pole or anode. This system totally performed in high vacuum. To create a vacuum for minimize the loss of electron flow and increases the electron velocity. To obtain high velocity of electron, it should required increase of voltage. The voltage is directly proportional to electron velocity. High velocity electron means the negative charged particle or electron rapidly passing from cathode point to anode point. In other way heat is directly proportional to electron velocity. So more electron velocity means more heat is obtained.

The work piece worked as a anode and filament is cathode. An electromagnetic coil is used in beam gun for focusing the beam on work piece. The produced heat is sufficient to fuse the metal and such this weld joint made.

Electron beam welding schemetic diagram

Electron beam welding advantages:

A high quality of weld joint is produced in high speed by this welding process.

Different thickness of material can be welded easily.

A precision welding joint is possible.

Much deeper weld joint is obtained in single run.

Seam and butt welds can be performed metals as thin as 25µm.

Electron beam welding application:

It can give same performance as TIG and plasma welding.

This process is used in joining of reactor components.

It has large use in spaceship building.

It is used in automobile engine component welding.

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Electron beam welding principle diagram Electron beam welding