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Explosive Welding

Explosive welding

Explosive welding is one of the cold state welding process. This is define as, the weld joint is made by the effect of high velocity movement, which is totally controlled by explosion or detonation.

The explosive welding is basically a collision between components in high velocity or motion. High velocity is created by an explosive charge element.

Explosive welding process:

In bellow illustrated picture shown a parallel metal (metal 2) positioned above the another parent metal (metal 1) which to be weld. The metal 2 adopted a explosive. The explosive is placed on a buffer ( a piece of rubber or cardboard, which protect the top surface from damage of explosion).

The parent metal placed on anvil. The detonator is ignited and exploded. The detonation velocity is less than the sonic velocity in the metal 1 and metal 2.

A extremely high pressure is generated due to explosion and provides a relative shear or sliding pressure between metal 2 and metal 1 or parent metal.

This time both metals behave like viscous fluids, which obey the law of fluid mechanics. A thin high velocity is formed on the surface of both metals due to relative motion. This is sufficient velocity to sticking the both metals.


Application of explosive welding:

This process has broad use in plugging of nuclear heat exchanger.

In chemical process vassal.

In electrical industries.

In cryogenic applications.

Aluminium to steel joining.

Copper to steel joining.

Titanium to steel (Cr. Ni) joining.

Explosive welding schematic diagram

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Explosive welding