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Percussion welding

Percussion welding

Percussion welding is one type of resistance welding method. In this welding process where a united body is made over the entire area of butt positioned work surfaces by heating is obtained from an arc produced by a rapid discharge of electrical energy and the pressure is applied same time of electrical discharge.

Principle of percussion welding:

Principle diagram of Percussion Welding

Application of percussion:

This process contributes itself to a variety of commercial applications, such as butt welding steel or other metals with out flash. Joining the aluminium rods, bars or tubes to copper, steels or non ferrous alloys to corrosion resistance alloys, silver contact finger to copper studs, threaded steel studs to aluminium and satellite tips to steel or non-ferrous shanks.

Percussion welding used in telephone industry for connecting leaded components to the terminals.

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Percussion welding