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Projection welding

Projection welding


Principle diagram of projection welding

Projection welding is in group of resistance welding. In this welding process where weld joint is produced by heating is obtained from electrical resistance flow through the work, which held under electrode pressure. The localized welding joint is made by this welding method.

Projection welding principle:

The working principle of projection welding is more or less similar of spot welding.

The two surfaces of weld metal are held together in under pressure by the electrodes. When an electrical current flown through the weld electrode, it causes the projecting metals are melts and fuse the both material which is contacted. Thus the weld joint is made.

In single operation a number of joint is made. The joint strength is depend on nature of projection. There are three types of projections are used in projection welding process.

  1. The cone type
  1. The button type
  1. The spherical type

The button type projection is used for joining of thin flat sheet metals (24-13 gauge). The cone type projection is used on 12 to 5 gauge metal sheets. The spherical type projection is used on higher thickness of metal.

Advantages of Projection welding:

A many number of weld joint can be performed at a time.

Rust, coating, oil etc. are not affected in this welding process.

Electrode life is longer than spot welding electrode, because it has lesser wire resistance property.

It has better heat control for different material composition and thickness.

Projection welding applications:

In sheet metal welding.

In ship building works.

In automobile workshop.

In refrigeration works.

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Projection welding