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Resistance Butt Welding

Principle of Butt or Welding

Butt Welding diagram

Principle diagram of Butt welding

Butt welding is another type of electric resistant  welding. The two weld metals are placed in a machine in face to face matching and both are clamped separately. These clamps are act as a electrode. These clamps are carry the current. The weld metals are matched correctly same axes and same line touching each other. Both weld metals are holding under pressure. The source current is given through the electrode to the weld metal and supply is continue until its reaching melting temperature. Previously load is applied to the metal and sufficient melting temperature, both are play master role for completed the butt weld.

During this welding process heavy current is required.

Sheets 1.5 mm. thick and 250 mm. in diameter may be welded by butt weld. Pipes, tubing, bars, rods, light and medium weight structural shapes may be welded by butt weld.

Application of butt welding-

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Resistance Butt Welding