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Stud welding

Stud welding

The stud welding is part of an arc welding process, where a united body is produced by heating with an electrical arc between the metal studs or similar parts and base metals. The heating process is running till the base metal getting molten stage, after certain time the arc is stopped  and stud is feed into the molten zone. Molten metal is shielded with a ferrule and flux or shielding inert gas. The Argon inert gas is used for joining the aluminium stud  and flux is used for steel stud welding.

Stud Welding Diagram

Working principle of stud welding

The work or stud is held with collect chuck of welding gun and a porcelain or ceramic ferrule is placed around the welding zone of stud. The current and controller units are set for timing control. Now the welding gun is positioned wherein stud to be weld on the base metal. Then current supply is started and the stud lifted about 1mm to 1.5 mm. the arc is produced between the gap of stud and base metal. The arc melts the end of stud and base metal where it touches with flux. This flux provides protecting properties from atmosphere gases in the ferrule boundaries. Now current source is off as per schedule setting. The another additional spring loaded attachment is provided for exerted the force on stud during molten stage. This is an automated solenoid system. It has also setting time for released load after arc is completed. The end of stud and base metal fused together and solidify inside of the ferrule. Once welded joints are cooled, the ferrule may removed by breaking. Another one new ferrule used for new weld joint.

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Stud welding