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Types of welds

Types of welds

In general condition there is main four types of weld used for solid material with intermediate or combination types for special cases. The four types of welds are- 1) Roller Weld, 2) Plain Weld, 3) Ring Weld, 4) Wire Weld.

In roller welds, the weld metals like plates, foils, strips, sheets etc.  are passed between several rollers which exert the required pressure for the weld. In some special cases the device combination roller is used which can make form of tube shape from a metal strip and then welded the edge by the seam welding process. Trim away the excess material with some kind of process so that there is practically no kind of projection indicates.

The plain welds are most common used in general cases. In this welds the two pieces of metal made face to face where they are meet,  overlapping condition and weld them spot to spot or continuous seam. For the example, the boxes are made by this plain welds.

The ring welds are generally welded for desired perimeter welding shape like circle, square, pentagon or hexagon sizes; these are joining at the edge. This weld is very suitably for edge sealing containers. The hollow floats made by joining hemispheres provide one examples of the use of this type of welds.

For the wire weld the special type of welding technique is used called wire weld and the particular form is overlapping process. Enough strength is getting and electrical resistance is same as parent material, because due to weld joint portion diameter slightly increased. This type of weld joint is used for manufacturing of electrical grids and screens.

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Types of weld