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Welding classification

Classification of Welding

The different types of welding are classified into two groups—

  1. Fusion Welding
  1. Plastic Welding or Pressure Welding

Fusion Welding are sub-divided into the bellow groups

i) Gas Welding

ii) Electric Arc Welding

iii) Thermit Welding

Pressure Welding or Plastic Welding is also sub-divided into following groups

The various types of Arc Weld process is-

The more details division and sub-division of welding tree described bellow-


Fusion Welding

Plastic or Pressure welding

Gas Welding

Electric Arc

Thermit Welding

Forge Welding

Electric Resistance Welding

Left ward

Right ward


Spot Welding

Seam Welding

Butt Welding

Flash Welding

Metal Arc Welding

Carbon Arc Welding

Atomic Hydrogen Welding

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Classification of welding